Schools Events

Each year Nairn Free Church runs three school events – Harvest Thanksgiving, Christmas Celebration and Easter Experience. These events are also run in Smithton, Elgin and Burghead.

These events are usually attended by our local schools and all content is linked clearly to the experiences and outcomes of curriculum for excellence.

Nairn Free Church uses a 3 year rolling programme to cater for different age groups from Nursery to Primary 7.

Sessions usually last 1 hour, 45 minutes and children take part in whole group learning, as well as moving round stationed activities in smaller groups.

Each event has a storyline approach theme to engage the children. This year due to COVID-19 restrictions we have produced virtual online resources instead.

Christmas Celebration 2021

Harvest Thanksgiving 2021

Easter Experience 2021

Christmas Celebration 2020

Harvest Thanksgiving 2020