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(11am) Louder than words (Mark 11 12-15)


(6pm) Timothy and Paul (1 Timothy 1 1-7)

(3 July 2022) 

This Sunday morning, (July 3rd), as we continue our series on The Life of Jesus, in Louder than words (Mark 11 12-15), we see Jesus arriving in Jerusalem.  His words have always been powerful, but now his actions reinforce his authority as he curses a fig-tree that doesn't bear fruit before entering the temple and beginning to drive out those who are there making a mockery of his Father's house.

In the evening, in Timothy and Paul (1 Timothy 1 1-7), after some introductory words last week, we begin properly to consider the first of Paul's letters to his young co-worker, a letter that will cover many aspects of the Christian life and ministry, then and now, as it unfolds.

Join us at 11am and at 6pm - everybody is welcome, and nobody is unwelcome!

Our current long-running series on The Life of Jesus as seen in the four Gospel accounts, our previous series on Jonah, including a glimpse of Nahum(!), (thirteen sermons in total) and the series on John's three letters (fifteen sermons in total) are still available on YouTube, (search Nairn Free Church), as well as elsewhere on this website.

We believe that the Bible is God's written word, and that through it he speaks to us, even today.  Whether you have a deep, long-held faith, or whether you would claim to have a very small faith, or whether you are still searching for truth and meaning in life, God speaks and invites us to know him through his Son, Jesus Christ.  Millions around the world have discovered the Christian message to be true and have found forgiveness for their sins in Jesus, and thousands more make that great discovery every single day.  

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History of Nairn Free Church Ministers 1843 - 2018

Irene Mackintosh's book 'A History of Nairn Free Church Ministers: 1843-2018' is available to purchase at the church. The cost is £5, with all proceeds going to the congregation's Fabric Fund.

Blythswood Christmas Shoe-Box Appeal

We participate in this well-known and much-respected annual appeal, sending dozens of boxes each year to those less fortunate than ourselves in other countries. We collect donations for this throughout the year, collecting different items each month. Please bring any donations along to the church.

January - Hats, Scarves, Gloves

February - Toothbrushes & toothpaste

March - Soap & Toiletries

April - Underwear, Socks, Tights

May - Small toys, Colouring Books

June - Make up, Sewing equipment, Combs, Brushes

July - Kitchen Utensils, Candles, Screwdrivers, Pliers

August - Stationery (Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Colouring Books, Rulers, Rubbers, etc

September - Sweets (no chocolate):

*Best Before Date: March 2022 - (no undated bags)

To get involved with Blythswood Care, you can visit their website here